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#1 – JET BLACK (remains black in the sun)
#1b – RAVEN/NATURAL BLACK (This is black, but in the sun more of a dark brown/blk)
#6 – CHESTNUT (light dark brown)
#8 – Light chestnut (more golden)
#10 – DARK Blonde warm tone
#24- Sandy Blonde – warm red tones
#18/613 MIXED Dark Blonde (with warm highlights)
LIGHT MIXED Blonde – ashy blonde with bleach highlights
#60 – Nuclear BLONDE (Clearest blonde)
#613 – Lightest Blonde (Almost identical to NUCLEAR but a touch warmer)
#35/61 – DARK AUBURN with brown undertone
#4/613 – Chocolate BROWN BLONDE MIX
#16 – Golden brown/blonde warm

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