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Halo® Extensions

glorious length & volume in 1-minute
with halo® extensions
Halo® extensions use an invisible wire to add length and thickness without glue, tape or clips for damage-free easy on and off application in less than one minute. Our Daydream®, Hidden Crown and Layers Halos are made with ethically-sourced 100% REMY human hair.
the brand celebrities trust
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Halo® Extension | Jet Black | #1
Halo® Extension | Deepest Brown/Near Black | #1B
Halo® Extension | Deepest Brown/Natural Black with Auburn Highlights | #1B30
Halo® Extension | Dark Brown | #2
Halo® Extension | Rich Chocolate Brown | #3
Halo® Extension | Medium Brown | #4
Halo® Extension | Medium Brown with Warm Highlights | #4/613
Halo® Extension | Medium/Light Brown with Highlights | #5/24
Halo® Extension | Medium Auburn Brown | #6
Halo® Extension | Light Brown/Darkest Blonde | #8
Halo® Extension | Light Caramel Honey Blonde Mix | #622
Halo® Extension | Honey Bronde Mix with Highlights and Medium Lowlights | #422
Halo® Extension | Ash Blonde With Auburn Lowlights | #612
Halo® Extension | Natural Light Brown with Subtle Highlights | #812
Halo® Extension | Dark Ash Blonde Mix with Cool Highlights | #882
Halo® Extension | Ash Light Blonde w/ Lowlights | #60/8
Halo® Extension | Cool Ashy Blonde with Highlights | #116
Halo® Extension | Light Warm Blonde with Golden Highlights | #2412
Halo® Extension | Strawberry Blonde with Highlights | #27/613
Halo® Extension | Lightest Blonde with Warm Tones | #613
Halo® Extension | Light Beige Blonde | #22
Halo® Extension | Platinum Clearest Blonde | #60
Halo® Extension | Creamy Blonde with Ashy Lowlights | #10/22
Halo® Extension | Dark Auburn | #33
Halo® Extension | Light Auburn | #30
Halo® Extension | Natural Red Head | #28
Halo® Extension | Dark Gray | #G1B
Halo® Extension | Light Gray | #G55
Halo® Extension | Balayage | #B2/6-8
Halo® Extension | Balayage | #B3/622
Halo® Extension | Balayage | #B3/882
Halo® Extension | Balayage | #B6/613
Halo® Extension | Balayage | #B8/60

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Fit The Hidden Crown Halo® Extension?

Please be aware that other brands may advertise a similar extension but if it has clips on it then it is not a true halo®. The design allows the gravity of your own hair pulled over the top of the invisible wire to hold it securely in place. This makes this the easiest extension ever! One piece of hair that will be even around your entire head and you can take it on or off in 30 seconds. Perfect for every day or a special night out!

The wire and micro bead work as a pulley system that adjust to all head sizes. First, pull on the excess wire with force to slide it through the microbead. Tension is required to achieve a proper fit. Once fitted properly, use the provided needle nose pliers to tightly clamp the microbead shut. You may also tie a knot with the excess wire. Carefully trim the excess wire close to the microbead.

What if my wire breaks?

The wire is a very strong, durable fishing wire that can withstand a lot of tension but in the event that it snaps, you are provided with an extra wire kit, attached to the cardboard backing. If you have discarded the wire, please email us at for a replacement.

Here is a video demonstrating how to rewire your Halo.
How to Rewire your Hidden Crown Hair Extension