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To buy, first select your color from the choices below, and then your length from the drop down menu. 12 inch – $250, 16 inch – $275, 20 inch – $299. Don’t worry if it seems to be a little off, as each color displayed will accommodate 
a shade above or below it. Pay closest attention to matching the color at the ends of your hair. But, if you do get the wrong color, it is ok……just send it back unopened, and we will send you the right color!
140 grams – 12.5 inch width offering volume on sides not just the back. 100% REMY human hair. Our hair is double drawn meaning it has THICK ENDS – same thickness from top to bottom, very FEW companies offer this type of hair because it is expensive. With Hidden Crown® you are buying the best of the best!

Shop Crown<sup>®</sup> Jewels

Shop Crown® Jewels

Buy online starting at $250 (Click color to select Length)

Send Us Your Photo

Need to send us a photo? If you are having a hard time deciding between colors, or want a second opinion just send us a picture of your hair in natural light. Or email us any questions you might have.

We are here to help! Upload a photo to us here or email one direct to anytime!


Example of the type of photo to send us in natural light

Quick pic of your hair from top to ends in natural light. No filters

Quick pic of your hair from top to ends in natural light. No filters


How to choose your hair color

All the Color shades on Video