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Ethical Sourcing at Hidden Crown

Hidden Crown is committed to Human Rights and Ethical Sourcing in the supply of our products and we continue to expand our controls to make sure we maintain the highest standards in the industry. We source and manufacture our products only with partners who agree to abide by the standards contained in our Supplier Code of Conduct. This includes labor hours and compensation standards, prohibitions against forced labor and child labor, safety and environmental requirements, and business integrity guidelines.

Our Ethical Hair Sourcing policy requires our factories to ensure fair compensation for hair purchases from donors and prohibits coercion in collection of hair. We work with trusted partners to responsibly provide the best quality products in industry.

Labor Standards
All suppliers are expected to treat their workers with respect and dignity. Discrimination of any kind is strictly prohibited.
Health & Safety
Suppliers are expected to provide a safe and healthy workplace environment for employees by implementing systems to detect and avoid possible hazards.
Regulations & Protection
Our suppliers must maintain the required environmental permits and properly handle product/materials to ensure safety and reduce waste.
Business Integrity
All suppliers must demonstrate the highest standards of ethics and conduct their business in compliance with local, national, and international laws.
Ethical Hair Sourcing
We require all human hair procurement to be handled in a professional and socially responsible way that demonstrates the utmost respect toward human hair donors.
Inspections & Audits
Hidden Crown confirms compliance annually with the principles stated in our Supplier Code of Conduct in regard to audits of our suppliers and their own suppliers/subcontractors.