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Hair Insurance


Purchase Hair Insurance at checkout by checking the box and paying just 15% of your hair extensions subtotal for 100% protection.
Review our Hair Insurance Terms & Conditions to understand what’s covered and how to properly care for your Hidden Crown® Hair Extensions.
In the event that something goes wrong with your hair, please reach out to us at
All claims will be processed in 24-48 hours, but on rare occasions the process may take longer. We’ll notify you upon approval of your claim.
After approval, we’ll replace your hair within 30 days - no questions asked.


How do I purchase Hair Insurance?
You can get Hidden Crown’s® Hair Insurance covergage by placing an order on Hidden Crown’s® website. Once you’ve selected your hair, simply check the Hair Insurance box at checkout to get complete coverage on your professional extensions and recalculate your total. Once the order has been completed, you will receive a confirmation email containing additional details.
I’ve been using hair extensions for years, why would I need Hair Insurance?
You never know what life will throw at you, and with Hair Insurance neither you nor your hair will be caught off guard.
How do I make my hair extensions last?
Just like natural hair needs regular washing, brushing, and styling, so do hair extensions. Failure to keep up with maintenance will rapidly diminish their quality.

Wash your Hidden Crown® extensions every 2-4 months with a sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner. For Crown® and Clip-In styles, lay flat or hang dry with the hangers provided. Do not hang by wire to prevent breaking it. For your Crown® Topper and Ponytail styles, towel dry very well and finish using a blow dryer with a nozzle to completely dry for desired style. You should brush your extensions periodically throughout the day from the ends up. Only style your extensions at 360 degrees or less and we recommend blondes style extensions at 340 degrees or less. Hairspray, heat protectant, gel, mousse, and serums are not needed to style your Hidden Crown®. Styling products used on your extensions can result in drying, breakage, and shedding.
How long does my Hair Insurance coverage last?
Your hair will be covered for 30 days following the original purchase date, plus a 7 day grace period for shipping. While we keep a thorough record of these purchase dates, please keep track of any confirmation emails you receive. This will help you stay on top of your coverage and eligibility.
How do I file a claim?
Email with your order number, email address, shipping address, a short description, and photos of the damaged hair.
I don’t have a camera on my phone. How can I submit a photo?
However you’d like! We’ll accept a photo from a digital camera, or even a scan of a developed photograph. There’s a direct upload feature located on the claims page where you can simply upload your photo from your computer, and we’ll receive it.
I accidentally ordered the wrong color of hair. Is there anything I can do?
We offer a free color exchange within the first 7 business days of receiving your Hidden Crown® order as long as they have not been removed from the packaging.


Hair extensions may experience minor symptoms of wear and tear (including minor shedding and dryness), simply by being installed. These are completely normal. However, in order for you to get the most out of your hair and remain eligible for Hair Insurance coverage, we highly recommend you follow the maintenance tips below:

Hair Maintenance
  • Wash your Hidden Crown® extensions every 2-4 months with salon-quality, sulfate-free shampoo, and an intensive treatment conditioning system.
  • Before shampooing, brush all tangles out with a good hair extension brush.
  • Hand dry your Hidden Crown® extensions with a skirt hanger. Always hang it by the weft, never hang your Crown® by the wire to reduce risk of breaking it.
  • Only style your Hidden Crown® extensions at 360 degrees or lower; blondes are recommended at 340 degrees or less. Watch our expert tutorials on curling & straightening techniques.
  • You can brush your Hidden Crown® extensions on and off your head. Brush gently 2-3 times daily to prevent tangles, breakage, and hair loss.
  • Do not bleach!
  • Hairspray, heat protectant, gel, mousse, serums, and other styling products are not needed to style your Hidden Crown® extensions. Styling products can result in drying, breakage, and shedding.
  • If you need to prevent tangling, add a pea-size amount of lightweight serum. Do not apply serum daily. Too much serum can result in product buildup.
The lifespan of your Hidden Crown® Hair Extensions will depend on how often you wear it and how well you take care of it. This can range from 3-4 months to over a year.