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Expert Reviews

“In today’s video let’s talk about my favorite brand of hair extensions.”


“I am no hair extension pro, but just wanting to simply share my beginner’s tips and tricks… Read more.”

Elly Brown |

“You have changed my life!”


“I don’t know why I haven’t ordered this hair sooner. The hair is thick and soft. I am feeling fierce! This is nice.”

Brittnee C Blair | Influencer

“I’m loving these Clip Ins!”


“They match perfect with my color that I just got done. Super cool! These are amazing! I can’t wait to show them off.”

Cass Cardelle | Influencer

“Easiest thing ever!”


“It doesn’t damage your hair whatsoever. It literally just sits on top of your head and you pull the hair through in like 5 seconds. It’s the easiest thing ever!”

Kelli Berglund | Disney Channel Star



“I’m obsessed with Hidden Crown Hair Extensions. They are thick, excellent quality hair and come in 3 different lengths. 12, 16 and 20 inch. The color I’m wearing is the #60/8P .”

Natalie Jensen | Lifestyle Blogger

“My mermaid hair!”


“20 inches of amazing, thick, full, luscious, shiny, healthy REMY hair. It’s my mermaid hair and I’ve been rocking it A LOT!”

Shay Danielle | Lifestyle Vlogger

“It was a whole new experience”


“Over the year I have tried different clip in extensions to wear for my tv appearances. They usually looked great except I didn’t feel like wearing them all day. They also always had to be check on to make sure no “tracks” “clips” were showing, which could happen unexpectedly. When we got out hands on Hidden Crown it was a whole new experience.

The Hidden Crown hair extensions are one simple row on a thin clear “fishing line” type of band. The sit right around the head and underneath your natural hair. We gave them a try on Denise and they look so natural. We feel in love.”

Dawn del Russo | On-Air Style Expert

“It changed my life!”


“This is the hair that I’ve been wearing forever and it’s honestly changed my life. Having beautiful hair has restored a lot of my confidence and it makes me feel so pretty.”

Amber Scholl | Beauty Blogger

“So fun and so worth it!”


“I initially got these mostly for videos and my wedding, but I ended up wearing them quite a bit more than that!”

Sara Wright | Beauty Blogger

Hidden Miracles

Alopecia at 26

“Now that I’ve found Hidden Crown Extensions because it makes my life that much easier, gives me self confidence, it’s so easy to put in, it looks so natural and it’s just amazing and makes me feel so much better”

Tension Alopecia

“These are SO easy and so quick to put in! The wire is so undetectable, you can’t even see where they go in at all! If you have short hair, this is a REALLY good option.”


“I finished chemo, lost a crap load of hair and am now on mega doses of steroids. Today was my first day wearing long hair again and all i can say is wow!! Like really, wow! The compliments and pure self esteem….honestly, message me and I’ll be honest….i am so utterly happy today. First day in such a long time!” – Tine Kruger Simonetti

Customer Reviews

“If you guys ever want to feel like Rapunzel, I’d suggest getting Hidden Crown Hair Extensions. The best hair extensions I have ever owned!”


“I’ve always LOVED doing my own hair, and have since I was just little, so having this Hidden Crown to add more length and fullness is the cherry on top.”


“Long Hair, don’t care 😜 Loving my Hidden Crown Hair Extensions! Because they are made from human hair, it’s easy to use a blow dryer, curling iron, straightener and all other heat tools! Also, I can put them in myself!”

Lauren Bushnell

“Hidden Crown truly has made a product that is so easy and versatile for everyone, best of all it leaves no damage to your hair. That’s a win-win for me.”


“These Hidden Crown Hair Extensions are giving me life!”

Courtney Vanover

Celebrity Sofia Vergara’s Neice

Claudia Vergara

“Do you want longer hair without the commitment? Hidden Crown Extensions are the way to go! This is a before and after installation. It took 5 min to custom fit it to the clients head!”


“Fits great, feels great, looks great. I LOVE it!”

Kaylee Irwin

“This design holds in place with just a small invisible wire, soooo weightless and the colour matches are perfect! My new favourites!”

Chloè Lawrence

“Have you ever wanted longer fuller hair without the expense and risk of damaging your natural hair with hair extensions? We have your solution with the Hidden Crown! This hair piece is seamless and easy to wear. Great for all ages!”

Radiant Salon & Boutique

“By far my FAV EXTENSIONS! Hidden Crown Hair Extensions18” clip ins!”


“Thank you very much! My order came fast, perfect color match… fantastic product. I took DayDream to a local salon and they layered it for me. They too were blown away on the product. Now I can give my hair hair a break from keratin bond extensions forever!”

Lisa Ruff | DayDream 14 inch #622

“You can even style them perfectly for a wedding! I love going from super short to long!”

Shannon Rubin

“Fresh color and a crown for quick damage free fullness!”

Madison Boozer Baldwin

“Feeling full of life thanks to my Hidden Crown Hair Extensions! If you’re not a hair person, like me, or simply don’t have much time on your hands, these are the extensions for you. They’re so easy to put in, the wire is undetectable, and you can style them just like real hair! This one is the 18” Hidden Crown Layers in Light Caramel Honey Blonde mix, but they seriously have SO many colors, styles, and lengths to choose from. I cannot wait to transform my hair with these extensions!”

India Gants | Winner America’s Next Top Model

“Here is my new DayDream in color #60/8. I am obsessed with it!”

Rosalie Calderone


“Today, I want to share my experience with Hidden Crown Extensions as they have truly made such a positive impact in my life. Every day, I wear the Halo Extension with the Crown Topper and I couldn’t be happier. I feel much more confident and I truly love my hair now.”

Kym O-Brien-Olson


“This is by far the best quality hair extensions I have ever used in my life!”

Lindsey Christine


“They are so full and amazing! This is the only brand that I will wear.”

Danielle Shay


“Hi, I recently received my topper and I am so happy about it!! 🙂 Thanks for the advice.. after trying it out a few times and closer to the front of my head, I think I’m getting the hang of getting the front part close to my scalp. For bangs.. I tried it as well and work quite well. The topper really solved a lot of thinning thin hair problems.. super awesome product!! Wish I had discovered this earlier!”

Amor | Crown Topper®

“I love these extensions!! So easy! Blends perfectly! I wash and deep condition once a month. I’ve had it almost 2 years and still looks new!”


“Still IN LOVE with my Hidden Crown Hair Extensions and I’m going on 3 months with these. The hair quality is like no other. And it stands up to heat, perfume, daily wear, washes, everything. I’ve used a lot of different hair and Hidden Crown is hands down THE BEST.”


“I have 8 of these in different styles and lengths! I LOVE THEM! The best hair extensions I’ve ever worn with no damage at all!”

LR Zin | Crown Topper & Hidden Crown Layers #58

“I just want to thank you Hidden Crown! I’ve used your product for a few years now, onto my 2nd and I can’t thank you enough. My hair is pretty long, just not thick. Your hair give me the confidence I need to conquer everything. Love y’all 😘 “

Dawn Marie

“Hidden Crown extensions are truly the exception. The hair is top notch, price is fair, color matched perfectly (#2412) and they blend SO well! I feel so beautiful in them, and my boyfriend loves them too! I suffer from migraines and tensions headaches, and the other extensions I’ve tried were simply not healthy for me. But I barely feel Hidden Crown on my head. As an athletic girl always running around and going to the gym, I needed something quick and something that would work with an active lifestyle. Hidden Crown is PERFECT :)”


“Love my hidden crown. Super Model Mom hair anytime!”

Heike | Color #60/8P – 20

“I have this and it’s amazing!! Makes my hair way fuller then my Tape ins ever did.”

Taylor Thurman

“I have tried it all and lost my own hair in the process! This is the best investment i ever made! No one knows its not mine! Worth every penny!”

Kathy Bergman

“Ordered my Hidden Crown Halo daydream for my wedding day and tested them out for my bridal shower. Family I hadn’t seen in a few months made comments about how long my hair had gotten! 😂 They seriously match so perfectly to my hair color. I was nervous ordering them online because I’ve never had extensions before but they are perfect. Can’t wait to wear it for my wedding day in May”

Alex Hochevar

“Omg!!! These have totally changed my hair life!!! Love them! They last a super long time and they color matched my hair perfectly!”

Virginia Scheuer

“I had a transplant surgery and my hair has taken a toll. Breakage and thinning hair has really made me self conscious. Hidden Crown has helped me I am now interested in picking up a 16 inch extensions as well. I’ll definitely enter the social media giveaways!”

Mallory | Color #8

“I am absolutely IN LOVE with my Hidden Crown Hair Extension! I cannot sing its praises enough. It’s super easy to put on and super comfortable; I wore mine over 12 hours yesterday. I wish I would have found Hidden Crown sooner!”

Danielle Stallings | Custom Colored


“This is Natalie’s hair before adding in Hidden Crown Hair Extensions halo hair extensions and after. Amazing! So simple! She can remove it anytime that she wants. She can change up the colors anytime she wants. She can change up the length anytime she wants. She doesn’t have to sleep in it. I don’t have to put it in for her and I don’t have to take it out. These. Are. Amazing!! And so much more affordable than other extensions!”

Dalla Cima | Hidden Crown Hair


“Ok, I’m 51 in May and I feel so darn young when wearing my DayDream. Must order the layers.”

Caroline | DayDream

“My hair has thinned out a lot. I decided to purchase two Hidden Crown extensions. I stacked them for the weekend and wore the 12 inch by itself for work. They feel very comfortable and the hair quality is superb. I curled and styled the extensions myself. It was really easy! Everyone commented on how nice my hair looked, but did not know I was wearing extensions. I did tell a couple of women coworkers who were amazed and want their own. I recommend Hidden Crown to everyone looking for extensions!”

Sharon | Color #4 Stacking


“I LOVE your Hidden Crown! Having options with my hair makes every day fun! The extra confidence along with feeling beautiful is a bonus! I’ve never used any type of extensions before. They all seemed like so much work and so damaging. I wanted to be able to run my finger through my hair still and not feel that constant gripping and tugging I always heard about. I did my research. Read reviews. Compared prices of ALL types of extensions. I couldn’t be any happier with my decision!”

Michelle Shelby | 16 & 20 inch stack

“I am so in love with my Hidden Crown!!! I will be ordering another one soon! Perfect match! Thanks again!”

Ashley Knight | #60/8 DayDream 14inch

“I’m so in love with my hidden crown hair. With trying out different types – clip ins, tape, micro beads – these ones are my favorite. The quality is first class and they don’t ruin my hair. Every day, day in, day out – wash, dry & style – Are AMAZING!!! Definetely recommend them to all the girls looking for a good, quality, hair.”


“They are the most amazing extensions on the market. I am not girly and super lazy with styling my hair. These extensions are magic! Good quality, tons of color options, very natural looking. Worth every cent. Thank you Hidden Crown

Megan Ivers

Before and After my new Halo Extensions! 😍It’s absolutely life changing for me…a huge boost of confidence and the best money I’ve ever spent!! And the best part, is no damage to my fragile hair and a fraction of the cost I spent on great length bonded extensions that ruined my hair. I’m definitely going to buy more and I can’t wait! Ladies, please do yourself a favor and invest in the best hair extensions out there!! You won’t ever regret it!

Melanie Gervais


“I got my Hidden Crown Hair Extensions and they matched perfectly! I got to wear them straight out of the package! I just ordered the same color in 16 inches so I can stack them and wear them together! Thanks again for such an amazing product!”

Kayla Kay | Color #60-8p

“Thank you so much Hidden Crown Hair! I was a social media winner. They are by far the best quality and easiest extensions I’ve ever used. I’ve been showing them off to everyone I know and now they all want a Hidden Crown! You guys are the best!”

Salome | Color #60-8p

“Just wanted to give y’all a shout out. My daughters hair was damaged a few years ago and needed to be cut. It’s now healthy again but have been patiently waiting for it to grow back out. My daughters prom was coming up and she wanted to try hair extensions so she could have the long hairstyle she wanted for her prom. After talking with a few hairstylists we decided to give hidden crown a try. We are so glad we did! Her hair looked amazing and no one could tell it was extensions!”

Lisa Clark Hogan | Color #2412 – 20″

“Can I just share, I absolutely love meeting new people sitting in my chair and hearing their stories. This sweet bride was looking for some kind of extension to add some length and volume to her hair for her wedding day. So she found out I sell Hidden Crown Hair Extensions at my salon and next thing I know she’s in my chair sharing her story with me about meeting her soon to be husband and I am gushing over the details! It’s all about making the person in my chair feel their absolute best. When I see that their face light up because their hair dreams just came true, that’s what really is the icing on the cake. It’s why I love doing hair. When God gives you a talent, the best thing to do is use it! And I am here to serve and make you feel your absolute best!”

Megan Pirrocco

“I seriously LOVE how natural the Hidden Crown looks! I went into my modeling agent’s office the other day and asked if she liked my hair with extensions or ditch them. I was wearing them while asking her this. She said, “No, don’t wear extensions. They look fake.” So I PULLED OUT my Hidden Crown and she flipped! She couldn’t believe how natural they looked. Then she said, “Nevermind. You NEED to wear THESE extensions to every booking and audition!” Thank you for creating this for those of us who want fuller, natural looking hair without the damage.”

Kirin Christenson | Color #30

“Prior to knowing about Hidden Crown, I had been using another well known brand for TRIPLE the price and less quality. Hidden Crown Hair not only exceed my expectation in quality, but the price is absolutely unbeatable. This hair is real hair and is beautifully thick. Hidden Crown and I corresponded through email for a couple of months and their service goes beyond expectations. I wish I had known about this company two years ago. I’m going to buy another Hidden Crown to double up. I can keep one curly and one straight to save time! You guys truly rock!”

Tina | Color #2

“Yes, yes, yes! So worth the money!!!! Here are my before and after pictures!! I get tons of compliments as well.”

Jamie Hall Powell Fleming

“Before and After! I have used clip ins for the past 3 years and have tried a few different brands, but @hiddencrownhair is my absolute favorite! Less clips and More hair making them so so easy to put in! So many more colors, lengths and styles to choose from than any other brand. The clips are so comfortable making it easy to style. Real human hair so you can treat it like your own and use a blow dryer, curling iron, straightener, cut it, brush it, wash it, and style it over and over again!”

Laken Hunt

“I am very happy with my Hidden Crown. The extensions are thick and well made and I wear mine every day! They are comfortable and look so natural. I had them colored for a perfect match to my own hair and had my hairdresser cut layers in them so they blend perfectly.”

Kelly | Color #1

“I just wanted to say how extremely impressed I am with the quality of my Hidden Crown! It matches my hair absolutely perfect and it feels and looks so real! I can’t wait to rock the Miss North Dakota USA pageant stage in this Hidden Crown! Thanks again for this amazing product!”

Brenna Jensen | Color #60-8p

I mine! I have a 16” hidden crown (halo style), the 14” clip-ins, and a crown topper. I use the topper and the hidden crown together because I’ve lost a lot of hair fullness after losing a lot of weight, and I love using my clip-ins when I want to wear my hair up. They are so easy to use, and no one can tell! They really are fool-proof! ”

Catherine Neill | Crown Topper & Hidden Crown 16″

“Just wanted to share how this hair saved me! I was diagnosed with Graves’ disease and lost most of my hair. Worse yet I was getting remarried. Luckily this hair made me feel confident and saved my day!”

Rachel East Jouppi

“I love my Hidden Crown Hair Extensions! You can see that this is an incredible match! My own hair is Redkin 7n with 9na highlights. I would say this is the perfect match for any cool blondes in the 9/10 range. Thank you for this amazing hair extension!”

Chandra Hall | Color #60-8p

“I am absolutely loving my new Hidden Crown Hair Extensions! The hair is so soft and thick and they are so quick to put on! They are perfect for auditions and photoshoots! The best part is that there is zero pain! No pulling, tugging and doesn’t damage your hair!”

Tiffany | Color #4 Stack

“I am so excited to promote the Hidden Crown! As a model, I would often have photo shoots where the stylist would use clip-in extensions. I loved the way they looked, but never had the confidence to try them myself and never wanted to ruin my hair with permanent extensions. Now, it takes me less than a minute to achieve that photo ready look effortlessly.”

Shelley Goodstein | Color #2

“I am so happy with Hidden Crown quality and pricing! I wanted to send you photos of ombre hair that only requires buying a Hidden Crown in two or more shades lighter than your own hair – letting it peek a boo underneath. It works for both blondes and brunettes! The design of the Hidden Crown is the perfect way to do this without actually dying your own hair.”

Kendall | Salon Owner

“Omagosh… this is the best hair I’ve ever worn!
I am amazed! Color is perfect and hair quality is insane!”

Agga Gharrafi

“Forever loving Hidden Crown!”

Johanna Jollie

“I have tried Halo Couture and Halo Hair in the past, but Hidden Crown is my favorite. It’s double drawn which means it’s thick all the way to the ends. I can literally wear it straight out of the package. Hidden Crown is so much more comfortable and low profile than the other brands I have tired. I love it! It’s so versatile!”

Kathy | Color #24 in 12 inches

“I love my Hidden Crown Hair Extensions! I wear them straight to work every day and curl them when I go out. I ordered the low light color of my hair and had it layered to blend. I have naturally thin hair and it adds so much more volume, but still looks so natural. Hoping to get another in the future!”

Kelli Slemp | Color #6 in 16 inches

“I purchased 16” dark ash blond mix. Hidden crown. I can’t express how pleased I am with this product. I lost a lot of hair due to stress and anxiety. Wasn’t sure I even had enough hair to blend over it. It’s magical ❤️ has restored my confidence with a bit of sass!! Thank you so much!”

Karen Williams-Wooten

“55 never looked so good! Thanks to Sarah at Mark Reid Salon, Scottsdale. Sarah custom cut my 16” Hidden Crown Halo #622 and refined my own color to match perfectly!!

Sondra Pirro Edwards | Color #622/16″ Hidden Crown

“Double drawn, human remy hair! It’s so thick and it’s evenly thick from top to bottom! Know what you’re buying! Do your research on different brands and ask tons of questions! I love Hidden Crown.”

Bonnie Kerner | Color #60

“I love my Hidden Crown Hair Extensions! It’s long, gorgeous hair in an instant without the damage. I get tons of compliments when I wear it!”

Rosalie Michaels | Happy Customer

“Wore mine on my wedding day to make my hair fuller! Danced all night and they stayed put! Highly recommend.”

Kara Dobernig

“Clip in Hidden Crown extension application & style! A couple of my favorite things about the Hidden Crown Hair Extensions is the great quality & the huge selection for colors to choose from! Their hair has great color combination making it so easy to blend with your natural hair even if the match isn’t perfect! Hidden crown hair is magical!”

Sarah Anne | Crown Clip Ins

“I am so in love with my Hidden Crown! Thank you for 20 inches of pure blonde perfection. Perfect color, length, and thickness. Couldn’t be happier with this product!”

Bailey Firstweber | Color #622 in 20 inches

“The Hidden Crown Hair Extension is the best set of hair extensions on the planet. I cannot wait to use them more often! I love them so much!”

Samantha | Happy Customer

“116 matches perfectly with my Balayage! I think I could have also done the 882, but my ends are pretty light and I love the look of it accentuating that! 😍”

Amanda Grove | Color #116

“LOOOVING my new hair extensions. I cut my hair short to help it get healthy after extensive bleaching and coloring, but I have really missed my long hair. I feel like myself again! haha!”

Bethany Jett

“I am just loving my Hidden Crown Hair Extensions! They are seriously the most amazing extensions I have ever worn in my life!”

@mrs_127 | Happy Customer

“Thank you Hidden Crown for making my engagement photos a little more perfect. I cannot wait to walk down the aisle wearing my crown!”

Rebecca Metzner | Color #613 in 16 inches

“22inch halo hidden crown extensions and their hidden crown topper!!! Excuse the mom hair but I love these extensions especially since I’ve suffered so much hair loss after pregnancy! Literally have a huge bald spot and this covers it 100%!! My hair is also very thin and short! My scalp never gets sweaty or itchy (I live in 120 degree weather in Texas y’all) and it holds a curl well! These extensions are seriously a life changer and a HUGE confidence booster!!”

Madison Paige Neugebauer

“If you have fine hair, whether it’s long or short, you may have a lot of it but it’s never thick enough. So there are gaps and little to no volume. It’s hard to get a curl to stay in shape all day or create hairstyles that work with fine hair. If you’re suffering from an overdose of hairspray and backcombing, then I strongly recommend getting hair extensions!”

Isabella Brusilo

“I got my Hidden Crown and I love it! At first I was skeptical since I had been using Cashmere Extensions, but I have very fine hair and have issues being able to support the weight of the clips. Now I can wear my extensions all day without pain and it is so easy to put on! Thank you.”

Michelle Skura | Color #1B in 16 inches

“The Hidden Crown Hair Extensions are amazing! They are definitely the BEST extensions I have ever used. They’re super thick, comfortable to wear and very easy to put in. ”

Amber Alison | Color #613 in 16 inches

Jamie Otis from The Bachelor and Married at First Sight

“The color I ordered is perfect”


“The color I ordered is perfect. Thank you for your help! Sending samples of the other 2 colors with my package really made me feel comfortable that I ordered the correct color before opening the package. My Hidden Crown extension is beautiful and surprisingly more comfortable than I had anticipated. Thanks again!”


“If you have hair like mine there is a color match for you AND the Daydream is perfect!”


I was looking for some new extensions to replace the clip ins I bought 12 or 13 yrs. ago. My hair is thin and has natural curl, so not the easiest to blend with. I’d never heard of halo style extensions and it intrigued me as I always worried about the clip ins showing, especially with my type of hair. After watching a couple dozen videos on the Hidden Crown site (and others) I checked out their Salons tab to see if anyone sold them locally. I found a nearby salon that wasn’t currently selling them but had all the color samples – she gave me a free consultation and picked the perfect color for me! She also recommended that I get the Daydream style with tapered ends, and not quite as much hair as the Hidden Crown. I got the 14″ Light Ash blonde highlights and lowlights – #116. When they arrived (very quickly) I thought the color was beautiful but it was very sleek and straight and my hair is, well, NOT. I talked to Bonnie at Hidden Crown and she sent me some videos for ideas on how to give it some texture and wave – we’re talking about someone who never used a curling iron before, yes, me! Even though those ideas did exactly what they said, I realized I still needed some curl and volume to blend it better so went to my hair stylist who used a curling iron and the results were fantastic! So now I know how to use one and feel confident about wearing this beautiful hair – and I was so surprised how thick it looked, even with the tapered ends! This was definitely the right choice for me, I couldn’t have pulled off more hair! Once you fit it to your head (which was easy after watching the video and reading the instructions – only took about 5 minutes) I can literally put it on in a minute, then curl if needed to blend with my hair. I couldn’t even see the wire and I was looking for it! LOVE these – if you have hair like mine there is a color match for you AND the Daydream is perfect!”

Lynn | Hidden Crown | #116 – 14″

“You CANNOT find better quality, texture or weight of hair on the market at this price anywhere”


“I spent many years as a hair model in Los Angeles and Hollywood. I modeled for everyone from Vidal Sassoon to Top Secret Hair. I have had many types of hair extensions over the years: sewn in, bonded, glued, clipped–you name it. Hidden Crown Hair is by far the very BEST quality, texture hair I have ever worn! My stylist said he has never seen hair of this high quality and will start ordering it for his clients! It colors beautifully, the price point is far better than Top Secret Hair (and they don’t give you nearly as many grams of hair) and the quality is the best, too. The cuticle is smooth, the weight of the hair (grams) far exceeds anything out there and I was thrilled when they came out with their new crown topper. Bonnie answered a ton of email questions for me and I had already bought the 16″ and 20″ lengths in 60/80. The crown topper came in color 60 and I had my stylist add some lowlights that beautifully match my other pieces. Today, I had my stylist cut and curl the crown topper, with the 16″ stacked on top of the 20” and I feel Hollywood glamorous again! As someone who has spent many years modeling hair and has had everything you can imagine done to my hair to damage it, look at the beautiful difference Hidden Crown Hair has made for me! I am 60 years “young” and regardless of your age, you will be rocking this hair beautifully. You CANNOT find better quality, texture or weight of hair on the market at this price anywhere; and I should know. I have spent many thousands of dollars on hair. AND, with all the modeling I did, I HAD to have something that would not further damage my hair. I can’t say enough about this product, how beautifully it is packaged for travel, you even get your own comb! And my stylist curled it to see how it would move. Thank you, Bonnie and Hidden Crown Hair! I feel like a super model!”

Leslie B | Hidden Crown 16″ & 20″ | Crown Topper

“Thank you so much!!”


“Thank you so much!! I gave just received my package today! It only took one week to get from Arizona, USA to Italy! I’m at work now, but I cannot wait to wear and try it. I’m so excited! Very fast and professional. Thank you!”


“I am in love!”


“Just received my Hidden Crown Hair Extensions and I am in love! They blend in with my natural hair perfectly because they are super thick from top to bottm and since they are halo extensions it only takes me a minute or two to put in my hair! It’s so much easier than clip-ins.”


“Usually I would be nervous sending a photo without a watermark, but I have absolutely fallen in love with hidden crown! Every aspect has been above and beyond what i am used to. From the customer service to the quality, your product is better than any hair extension company I’ve ever used or sold! I would LOVE to help you guys out in any way I can!”

Kaylee | Hidden Crown | Color #60/8P

“I am in love with my Hidden Crown! After bleaching and dying my hair, it was incredibly thin and damaged. I wanted the longer hair and volume, but was terrified to try bonded or even clip in extensions for fear of even more damage. Then I found Hidden Crown. It’s super easy to put in and take out, doesn’t damage my hair at all, and gives me my dream hair instantaneously! I’m in love!”

Anna | Hidden Crown | Color #60

“I wish I would have found it years ago.”


“I love my Hidden Crown Hair Extensions and I wish I would have found it years ago. I would have saved a lot of money! I have tried so many hair extensions. This is the best ever by far!”


“Really easy to size.”


“I received my 16-inch 60/8P extensions yesterday! I am IN LOVE!! Beautiful hair- really easy to size my Hidden Crown and the service has been amazing! I used to wear Halo Couture which was complicated and their product was cumbersome! Thank you!”

Stephanie | Color #60/8P in 16 inches

“Excellent price & excellent product!”


“I am very happy with this purchase. I ordered the extensions on a Friday and I received them Monday. Hidden Crown is an excellent price and an excellent product. I love the fact that the extensions are on a wire, so easy to put on and take off. It takes about 3 minutes from start to finish!!

Rhonda | Color #613

“It is simply amazing!”


“I had to write to you to tell you how pleased I am with my new crown topper!! It is simply amazing! The quality of it is even beyond my expectations. The fact that it came rooted also adds to the natural look of it (you can’t tell it’s not my hair). Really, really happy with my purchase! Thank you and have a beautiful day.”


“A huge thank you!”


Good morning. Just wanted to say a huge thank you for your amazing service. My Hidden Crown arrived yesterday which is incredibly fast to Australia. Secondly, I love it and it is perfect so thank you so very much

Amber Mildon

“I just wanted to say a big THANK YOU!”


I have extremely fine, baby hair really and I do wear a topper and wigs. I was looking for something that was a smaller fit for the top of my head that wasn’t so heavy. I came across your site, researched every review and read everything on your hidden crown including comparisons with other brands. I liked what I saw and decided to go for it. I am so happy I did, the Crown Topper is the perfect amount of hair, it’s not heavy and I hardly know it’s there. I also ordered the extensions for when I want to really have fun and experiment different looks. They both are so easy to use. I ordered colour #622 and it was a perfect match. I am so happy with this hair I thought I would do something I have never done before, I thought I would write a review and here I am doing so. Thank you for helping me get back some of my confidence and self esteem, I would most definitely recommend this product and order again.

Angie | Hidden Crown | Color #622

“They are amazing”


“I just got mine. And what was my life before them ? They are amazing . The finest quality hair. What I hated about the clip ons was how heavy they felt in my hair constantly tugging on my hair. This is super easy to use. Look amazing. And really stay put on your head like forever.”

Fouziah Siddiqi

“Amazing product”


“I just wanted to thank Hidden Crown for an amazing product. For a long time now, my hair has not been able to grow. It is extremely short, thin and I even have some bald spots which have always made me self conscious. I’ve tried a variety of hair extensions before I found hidden crown. With other companies all I wanted to do at the end of the day was rip the extensions off my head because they were so heavy and the clips were extremely painful with my thin hair. Once I found hidden crown I can easily go 12-14 hours with the extension on my head and I will barely notice it!! I feel beautiful and comfortable at the same time!
Thank you again for a wonderful hair extension!”

TK | Hidden Crown

“I’m so impressed!”


“I just received my order and I had to send you a quick message about how impressed I am. First of all – the delivery made it to my door in Canada within 3 days (I wasn’t expecting to be able to, but now I can wear it out for the holidays..yippppee!). Secondly, the packaging and instructions are phenomenal. Honestly, I’m so impressed by that. The comb, the hangar, the extra parts, the letter with similar swatches… And finally, the density and feel of the hair is unmatched. I’ve been using high-quality clip-ins for the last few years, exponentially adding to the damage of my already thinning hair (due to a thyroid condition) and I just happened to stumble across this amazing alternative. What a huge difference in the volume alone! I haven’t even used the product yet and I’m so happy. I’ll be purchasing a second one soon…and passing along the company info to friends. Truly a hidden gem. Just wanted to say thanks so much & happy holidays! :)”

Jen | Hidden Crown

“I absolutely love your product”


“I absolutely love your product! Your quality is superior to your competitor, your service is tremendous and the assortment of products is terrific! Your commitment to the customer is heart felt and your product/company has changed my life!”

Stephanie | Hidden Crown

“These extensions are wonderful!”


“I got them in the color Bonnie recommended for me and they match perfectly. They are really as easy as it looks to put in. I have thinning hair and the Daydream are a perfect weight for me. The Hidden Crown would have been too much. If you are looking to help thinning hair, I highly recommend the DayDream!”

Brigid LaGuardia | DayDream

“Thank you guys so much!”


“Hi! I just wanted to thank you guys so much! These extensions saved my life! I love them so much, nothing can compare to these, I have tried so many different types. I cannot live without them!
I will definitely stay loyal to this brand forever! Thank you so much for creating this product! XO!”

Julie Tronhuus

“I love my extensions”


“I love my extensions. I wore them on my wedding day and they looked amazing!”

Mindi | Hidden Crown | #2412 – 20

“I couldn’t wait to order.”


“Excited to finally get myself some hair lol! I’ve watched all the tutorials and reviews and cant wait to finally have thick hair without the commitment of maintenance appointments of my beaded weft, which I’ve only had in 4 weeks, but it is hard work to look after it and the itching drives me insane. So when i found you guys, I couldn’t wait to order. I also used your colour match service, which I think is a great help. Next purchase will be the Crown Topper. I’ve only just started to experiment with hair extensions due to getting married in June and need thicker hair for the photos.”

Sabrina Hayley | Hidden Crown

“Many thanks”


I had asked you for advice about how to dye my hidden crown to achieve an ombré look, but for now I love so much my blonde crown and topper as they are that I don’t want to change a thing! I am sending you before and after photos with a hidden crown in Color #2412 plus a topper in Color #622. Many thanks again for making my morning hair routine so much more fun and gratifying (and for making me feel prettier all day long!). Everyone is asking me about your products, my mother has just starting wearing her topper and friends have asked me to order for them, so we will be purchasing more beautiful hair extensions from Hidden Crown!”

Laurence | Hidden Crown and Crown Topper | #2412 and #622

“I am truly obsessed with everything about them”


“My name is Danielle and I recently received my DayDream 14” extensions. I had not-so-high expectations and was very skeptical. I could not understand how the extensions could possibly stay put on my head and not fall off or be uncomfortable. I also doubted I would be able to match my color well and assumed they would look fake. I’ve tried clip ins and hated them and assumed hidden crown wouldn’t be much different…but I gave them a shot and I am SO happy I did.
I am truly obsessed with everything about them! From the quality and thickness of the hair to how easy it is to put them in and take them out, I have no complaints whatsoever. Even the packaging and storage bag is awesome. I just wanted to say thank you for making such a high quality product and offering it at a price I could afford. And thanks for giving me a self confidence boost and the perfect hair I always wanted!

I have been showing them off and telling everyone about them from friends to family to coworkers, recommending them to anyone who will listen. You guys are the best!! Thanks again! :)”

Danielle Brandoff | DayDream

“Great quality product!”


“You are so welcome. I bought a Halo Couture set of extensions and hated them… I could never get them to fit my head but I loved the idea of not having to clip them in. When I found y’all I was hesitant but loved the microbead to make a perfect fit. I’ve had y’all’s for a week now and I am in LOVE! Great quality product!”

@rodeovogue | Hidden Crown

“I am your biggest cheerleader”


“I just want to let you know what a miracle Hidden Crown Hair has been in my life.

My hair started thinning and breaking a few months ago. I had been used to having nice, long hair, but for now, my hair is chopped short, in an unflattering bob that I cannot stand. I love hair, and I love hair extensions. Unfortunately for me, traditional hair extensions are out of scope because I have scalp psoriasis and apparently an allergy of some type that makes it intolerable to wear taped, keratin bonded, or micro bead extensions. I have tried everything, and then I found Hidden Crown.

I am probably your biggest cheerleader and maybe one of your best customers. To date, I have purchased 8 Hidden Crowns in varying lengths and colors, and two Crown Toppers, which I am delighted with. My short choppy bob made it a little bit challenging to wear the Hidden Crowns I love so much, but now that you have come out with the Crown Toppers, I am absolutely loving my hair. Today, I went into the tanning salon I go to very frequently, wearing my halo and my Crown Topper in 60/8P. The girl behind the desk didn’t even know I was wearing extensions – she simply complimented me on my gorgeous hair and hair color and told me how pretty I look today. I was over the moon.

It has been a little adjustment wearing the Crown Toppers, but sincerely, they rock my world. Thank you for making an awesome product.”

Lynne Delano | Hidden Crown and Crown Topper | #60/8P

“I love the daydream extensions”


“I love the daydream extensions I ordered with you guys. The color matched perfectly!”

Ashley | DayDream with natural ends

“Thank you for such a wonderful product”


First of all allow me to thank you for such a wonderful product. It’s my second year of using your extension site and they are amazing. I wear them everyday!”

Alex | Hidden Crown

“Thanks for an incredible product”


I just wanted to say thanks for an incredible product. I LOVE my Hidden Crown! I lost a lot of hair due to hormonal issues and it had made me really self-conscious, because as a kid I had loads and loads of thick hair. I didn’t want to invest in extensions until I found a brand that wouldn’t damage my hair — and then I stumbled across Hidden Crown! I am still learning how to put them on properly and how to hide the wire, but even with my very beginner application, it still looks so natural and undetectable!”

Divania | Hidden Crown extension

“I am loving them!”


“Thanks for the extensions. I am loving them!

Rhondicissell | Hidden Crown | #6 -20

“I love my extensions!!”


Michelle | Hidden Crown

“Seriously the prettiest hair extensions”


“That’s why when I saw the halo design from Hidden Crown Hair, I knew it was meant for me. Not only did they look easy to put on, but they looked so much more real than some of the other extension brands I had seen! That’s because Hidden Crown uses 100% human REMY hair and offers about 40% more hair per gram than their competitors, making them one of the most affordable options out there! I love that they are dedicated to giving you the highest quality product while still giving you the most bang for your buck. These are seriously the prettiest hair extensions that look completely natural and curl effortlessly. They brush out easily and are entirely invisible thanks to the clear wire that holds them in place, plus they only take a minute to put in and a second to take out! Game changer for busy mamas like me!’ The Hidden Crown extensions give me the volume I’m missing from my postpartum hair loss and the length I’m no longer able to achieve due to my thin, lifeless locks. I get so many compliments, my hubby loves them, and they are such a confidence booster for mamas who are struggling like I was!”

Mariah | Hidden Crown | #2 – 18″

“I absolutely love them”


I’m a returning customer and I bought the Hidden Crown Ash Light Blonde w/ lowlights 60/8p (20 inch). I absolutely love them. Honestly swear by them and have recommended them to friends, including influencers, one which bought some recently I believe”

Cami | Hidden Crown | Color #60/8P in 20 inch

“Happy customer picture!”


​”Great product already contemplating buyer another peice !!!! Thanks y’all ​❤”

Liz | Hidden Crown | #8 – 20″

“Could not imagine living without it”


I do not know what I would do with out! It keeps my hair fabulous on an off stage and I just could not imagine living without it.”

Miss Peoria 2017 Maddie Rose | Daydreams #2 – 18″

“I just wanted to thank you “


I just wanted to thank you for giving my life back. I am undergoing chemo and my hair is thinning. Really thinning. I put this piece on for an event yesterday and was so my old self. I owned that room.
Thank you for giving me armour as I concur the world. Love this product worth every penny.”

Deanna | Daydream #1b – 18″ & Crown Topper #1b

“I LOVE my DayDream extension”


I just wanted to let you know that I LOVE my DayDream extension. It is absolutely GORGEOUS! I must have taken it off and put it back on 20 times the first day, just to do a reveal. No one knew I was wearing it at all. My hairdresser colored it for me, as the Dark Auburn was a bit too red, but it looks great”

Deborah | DayDream | #33 – 14″

“I am in love!! “


What a difference my extensions make. I am in love!! At first the color seemed a bit off but I washed my hair with a purple shampoo and I’m set! Color 60, 20″ Thank You sooooo much! They are a game changer. I’ve wanted length for years but the process is so slow. Now, thanks to my beautiful extensions, I’ve got it! Finally!!!! xoxo”

Laura Henkelman

“I can’t believe how beautiful they are!”


I got my extensions yesterday. I can’t believe how beautiful they are. I’ve been playing around with all sorts of different extensions and hair pieces for years. These are absolutely outstanding and worth every penny.”

Jennifer | Hidden Crown | #613 – 16″

“Just ordered two more!”


Here it is, love my new hair! Just ordered two more! Thank you. It is so beautiful.”

Barbara Stauffer

“Impressive is the only word I can use to describe the quality, quantity, and feel of these extensions. My hair dresser was amazed of how well your staff was able to match my color from a picture. I am in love and now finally have the long hair I always dreamed of. Thank you Hidden Crown. I can’t sing your praise enough!”

Chelsea | Color #622 – 16

“Thank you for the amazing extensions! Can’t wait to wear them on my wedding day!”


Victory | Hidden Crown | #116 – 20″

Miss Idaho USA 2017


Always wear your crown, and when you don’t.. wear your Hidden Crown! I am so grateful for Hidden Crown Hair and their sponsorship this year! There hair extensions are incredible, and can I just add how well they hold color?? I went back to my natural brunette color, and they match perfectly! I used to never have volume in my hair for photoshoots, and they add just the right amount!

Miss Idaho USA | Hidden Crown

Go check out their products, they’re amazing!


“Sometimes I like my hair short & sassy, and sometimes I like it long & luscious! I can have either within a matter of SECONDS with @hiddencrownhair!! I’m wearing the Hidden Crown Layers 22 inch in color #2! Go check out their products, they’re amazing! #hiddencrown #hiddencrownhair

Influencer IG : @connormichelleclay

The quality of the hair is fabulous!


I have truly appreciated the excellent customer service, and in particular the personalized help that I have received from both Hidden Crown and Bonnie B. The quality of the hair is fabulous! I will definitely continue to purchase from this company in the future. I am wearing the Hidden Crown Topper in #622 rooted and the 14” Daydream Hidden Crown Halo in #622 and my husband absolutely loves the new look.

Cyndi | Crown Topper & DayDream #622

The 14 inch daydream is perfect for me!


I just wanted to write in a review and let you know how thrilled I am with my order. I always wanted to have long hair but my existing hair is very thin and breaks before getting too long. The color match system worked perfectly and I am amazed how well it matches without needing to get it colored. The 14 inch daydream is perfect for me! Thank you!”

Emily Hamilton | 14″ DayDream

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Clip Ins
V-Clip Volumizer
Flip Up Clip
Messy Bun


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Per Pack
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Clip-ins. Made with a fabric-stitched band that adds extra volume at the root.
Per Pack
3 pieces
Best For
Medium to thick hair types, suitable for short hair to long hair.
14”, 18”, 24"


Clip-ins. Made with a thin, silicone band that lays flat against your head.
Per Pack
5 pieces
Best For
Thin to medium hair types, suitable for hair past the shoulders
12", 16", 20"


The design allows the gravity of your own hair pulled over the top of the invisible wire to hold it securely in place.
Per Pack
1 piece
Best For
Thin to thick hair types, suitable for hair past the shoulders.
12”, 14”, 16”, 18”, 20”, 22”


Both the original Crown Topper and the Easi Topper should be clipped in about 1-2 inches behind your hairline.
Per Pack
1 piece
Best For
Thin to medium hair.
12”, 16”
Flip Up Clip

Flip Up Clip

Flip-Up Clip is created using a latex-free, silicone backing for additional comfort.
Per Pack
1 piece
Best For
Updos, thin to medium hair.


Bungee Ponytail is made with a bungee cord that wraps around the base of your ponytail.
Per Pack
1 piece
Best For
Updos, thin to medium hair


Designed to evenly distribute hair throughout the head with only six undetectable clips.
Per Pack
1 piece
Best For
Medium to thick hair.
12”, 16”, 20”